Make Better use of your Pool this Summer

While thousands of fortunate Australians have a pool to play in this summer, many of them won’t make good use of it. You probably know the feeling yourself. Once the excitement of having a pool at your disposal wears off, you hardly ever make time to go for a swim and maintenance of the pool becomes a weekly chore with no reward.

If you would like to get back out into the water to enjoy what you are so lucky to have at your disposal, there are plenty of ways to motivate yourself. Take a look at some of the suggestions below and get back in the sunshine this summer. Not only is it healthy for you to get some exercise and some vitamin D, but it also gives you time to kick back and unwind from your stressful week at work.

a family in the poolInvite your Friends over for a Swim

If you find it hard to get the motivation to get out and make use of the pool, why not invite some lesser fortunate friends over to swim with you. Those without a pool at their disposal are often overjoyed at the thought about spending some time in the water. Encourage your kids to invite their friends, or ask your friends and their children over to play. You might even wish to take it upon yourself to host a pool party BBQ, which will definitely remind you of the fun times that can be had by your pool.

Purchase some Fun Pool Accessories

There are some really great pool accessories now available which will help you better enjoy your time in the sun. Take a look online and see what appeals to you. There are comfortable inflatable lounges that float on the water if you just like to float around and relax in the sun, of if you want something a bit more group oriented you can get floating ping pong and beer pong tables too.

The AirChair is a great new invention for 2016 that can be used as a floating sofa or as a comfortable lounge to relax on beside the pool. It inflates in seconds and folds down into a tiny and light package so it’s great for taking on holidays to the beach too. Simple but fun pool accessories can make your time spend outdoors just that little bit more enjoyable and encourage you to get off your own lounge chair more often.

man in swimming capStart Swimming regularly for Fitness

Nothing works out all the muscles in your body like swimming does. It’s low impact but great for fitness. Why not incorporate some swimming into your exercise regime. Mix it up with you gym workout for some all over conditioning, or if you don’t often exercise start swimming to help get you back into shape.

You’ll be amazed at how awake you feel after a few laps in the morning, and because your pool is so conveniently located at your home, you’ve really got no excuse! Still finding it hard to get motivation? If the 30 degree summers can’t compel you to get into your pool, find a friend to exercise with you. Having someone else to encourage you to hit the water on the regular can be a great motivator, and you’ll be able to compare experiences as you improve.

These are just a few ways to make better use of the pool at your home. If you have some other ideas feel free to let us know, we’d love to hear about them! So what are you waiting for, unless you’re outside reading this on your mobile device by the pool, go ahead and jump right in. It might take the tiniest bit of effort now but we promise you’ll be glad you did!