Why Rainwater Tanks Are Great For Queensland Homes

Over the last few years, the attitude towards water harvesting in Queensland households has changed dramatically. Most homeowners had invested in unlike the past when water tanks were most common on bush properties, now almost every suburban QLD homestead has a water storage tank. 

Why You Should Invest in Rain Water Tanks

Although the great Australian drought first fuelled the condition, there are other numerous reasons why many QLS residents are opting for this form of water harvesting. Here are 4 benefits you’ll get if you buy rainwater tanks in cairns:

Increased Self-Sufficiency

Rain Water Tanks at HomeGovernment water supply is known for lack of reliability and efficiency. In most cases, the supply system can be tampered with, or it becomes faulty. With the increasing population in QLD, the supply of water has also been strained thus reduces the amount of water reaching individual homesteads. Rainwater tanks act as the best supplement in such cases. It’s also less costly in that you don’t pay monthly fees as it is with the government water. These are just a few of factors that help in increasing your water efficiency.

High-Quality water

Water pollution is a problem that government water supply including the QLD’s is struggling with. In fact, it’s advisable to boil tap water before drinking due to possible contamination. But the harvested rainwater is said to be pure and free of contaminants. It’s cleaner and generally of higher quality than those found in dams or rivers which is usually contaminated. In fact, you don’t need to treat this rainwater before drinking. It’s also important to note that rainwater does not have salt in it making it great for laundry and other household activities.

Tank Water Rebates

Tank Water RebatesWater harvesting is considered as one of the eco-friendly measures of conserving the environment. If all the rainwater is harvested, it will not be necessary to create artificial water supply that most of the time results into destabilisation of the ecosystem. That’s the reason why most governments have introduced rebates for such projects. In Australia, the government offers rebates to most “go green” or eco-friendly projects including rainwater harvesting investments.

Reducing Water Bills

Water is increasingly becoming expensive in Australia and Queensland is not an exception. Conserving water is a must. High water bill is something that most homeowners are struggling with and with ample harvesting of rainwater, you can drastically reduce these bills. Also, note that this water is highly unreliable especially during dry spells. You will only incur expenses during the initial installation.


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