Winter Water Heater Maintenance

Winter is fast approaching and as usual there are those families who have left their hot water system maintenance until the last minute. During the colder winter months, the need for a functioning hot water system is essential and one should never forget to regularly check on their water-heating unit for signs of age-related damage. Some local plumbing companies offer specials to their customers as winter approaches to ensure there is not a surge in maintenance calls once the colder nights have set in.

a plumber performain maintenance work on a hot water system in the Sutherland ShireMany homeowners do not realise that they should keep an eye on the condition of their water heating systems. Through normal everyday usage your water heater may stop working as well as it once did. One Sydney hot water plumber we spoke to, who works in the Sutherland Shire, told us he often receives emergency call-outs during winter when the water stops heating properly or tanks start leaking water. If you notice hot water seeping from your tank connections or pipes or the water is taking a particularly long time to heat up then you should act fast to make a decision about having your system repaired. Those who stand around for too long will have the decision made them when the system completely breaks and needs replacing.

If your water heater has past the average 10-year lifespan then you will more than likely need to have your whole system replaced. Replacing the whole system is not as bad as it may first seem, the newer models on the market are now more water and energy efficient. These eco-friendly heaters contribute towards saving homeowners money when the utility bills come around. Hot water units that are less than 10 years old may be in good enough condition to have some simple maintenance work done on them and save you from forking out thousands of dollars on a new unit.

a leaking hot water systemThere are some common malfunctions of water heaters that most homeowners would be able to rectify with the proper instruction. Most heaters will have a built in circuit breaker that is set to trip as soon as an overload or short circuit on within the system occurs. Circuit breakers are very sensitive and can activate for no real reason. If you have located the circuit breaker and performed a visual inspection to find no leaking water or broken pipes there you can confidently switch the circuit breaker back to the opposite position. This is the easiest and most common problem that plumbers and homeowners are faced with when repairing and hot water system.

More serious problems should be left to the professionals, as there is a risk of harming oneself if the right precautions are not taken. Plumbers are qualified to deal with these sorts of issues, ranging from leaking or cracked pipes to strange hissing sounds. “Hissing” will most of the time be the result of a leak in the line, if you cannot find the leaking pipework it is most likely beneath the floor or within the walls, such issues should be dealt with straight away as any leaking water within your house may lead to bigger and more serious problems like mould or even rotting. Reliable plumbers are often able to locate and remove the broken pipework and repair the system within an hour of turning up to your property.

Avoid the need for an emergency plumbing company by keeping an eye on your water heating system all year round. This will help you avoid any major problems. If not you will find out the hard way how inconvenient it is to go without; or even worse – how expensive the replacement process is.